How It Works

1. Shaped By You

Take your unique breastprint: an encrypted, anonymized, and safe measurement of your exact breast shape. Scan using our proprietary BreastID app (available on iPhone X and above).

2. Designed By Us

Our patented algorithm uses your breastprint to design your .UNDERFITS. These 3D printed supports are customized for each breast, left and right, because they are as unique as you are.

3 - Made For You

Add the finishing touches by personally sliding your .UNDERFITS into your .FUSIONBRA. The material is ultra comfortable and eco-friendly, and the modular design evolves with your needs.

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What Fusion feels like

One size fits you

1. Made from you

Our patented technology creates your .UNDERFITS, supports that are 3D-printed, customized to each of your breasts, using our BreastID app available on iPhone X and above.

Anonymous | Bank-Level Encryption | Facial Exclusion

Our scanning technology only take measurements, never Pictures or Video

We've Got Your Back. Literally.

2. Designed by us

We've reengineered the bra into a product so supportive, yet so comfortable, that you forget it's even there. 75% of the .FUSIONBRA fabric is made from recycled plastic, and .UNDERFITS are 3D-printed on demand to reduce stock.

So that your breasts can chill and the planet can thrive.

Let's create your perfect fusion
The perfect fit

3. Sparkled by you

You can have .FUSIONBRA in "any color you want, as long as it's black, black, or black."

Why? Because we are on a mission to create the perfect everyday support for humans with breasts. The one that will be your go-to whether you are going on an adventure in the forest of Mexico, conquering the world on a stage our moving wildly on a dancefloor.

The one that will support who you are, not what standards say.

Only One Size: Yours.

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