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A story of breasts

We are dreaming of a world without sizes.

Did you ever got tired to try to fit in? Well, after years of forcing my body to fit inadequate standards, I decided to get ride of them. To be the own print for my body and my health. And this starts with breasts, one breast at a time.

Our technology

1. Scan

Take your unique breastprint — an encrypted, anonymized, and safe measurement of your exact breast shape. Simply download our BreastID app available on iPhone X and above.

2. Generation

Convert your breastprint into a tailored breast support shaped to each of your breasts, because they are as unique as you are.

3. Fusion

Create your tailored breast supports on-demand using 3D printing technology. Customize it even more with engraved text.

Made by you, Designed by us.

Fully Virtual Experience

No more invasive, in-store fittings. Fusion provides an end-to-end tailored service from anywhere you are comfortable.

Fueled By You

Leave the stress of bra shopping in the past. Fusion ensures that you never have to fit into rigid bra sizes again. Not now. Not ever.

Forget It's There

Fusion is made for movement. Just put it on and focus on conquering the world without having to think about your bra.

What Fusioneers Are Saying

"Honestly, I hate bras. They're constricting and uncomfortable and move around all the time. This is by far the most comfortable bra I've ever put on. It totally fits my body, it's super adjustable, I still feel supported without feeling like I'm wearing a corset. Its wonderful!"

Ashley, Los Angeles

"I haven’t used traditional bras for years as I can’t stand the body marks and fatigue anymore. Being a D-cup, I’ve been using bralettes instead which I love - even though knowing that I could use an additional support ;) Fusion bra is for me the perfect combination of a comfortable bralette with a strong support, I even ended up practicing yoga without noticing I wasn’t wearing a sports bra. Definitely one of my new everyday essentials."

Donatella, São Paulo

"I was very pleasantly surprised by how quick, easy, and comfortable the experience is. It’s been very difficult for me to find bras that fit well and I 100% appreciate a process that streamlines this aspect. And when the bra finally found me...well it was love at first fit."

Amy, New-york

"So easy. Quick, simple, easy and so user-friendly. Fusion's unique 3D process measures you and creates a bra deliberately designed to make you love your breasts so much that you feel better about not wearing one. I have one, and I love it to death!"

Cindy, New-york

"Le soutien-gorge tient toutes ses promesses: soutien parfait et confortable. De plus l'équipe est très sympathique et assure un suivi attentif et aimable."

Anne-Lise, Paris

"Ce soutien-gorge est juste un petite merveille. Il ne laisse pas de marque sur ton corps, il est comfortable on dirait quasiment qu'on ne porte rien alors que franchement le maintien est le même q'avec les soutien-gorge "classiques", l'ouverture a l'avant c'est trop pratique pour l'enfiler, il se lave facilement et la matière ne prends facilement les odeurs... Que demander de plus."

Ineza, Paris

"Dans l’aventure depuis un moment et après de nombreux rebondissements, me voilà parée et je suis ravie de mon soutien gorge ! Le maintien du produit est aussi convaincant que l’équipe qui est derrière le projet :)"

Elsa, Paris

"Une vraie révolution dans le soutien gorge !!! Plus de marques d armatures, plus de gène, une seconde peau ! Tellement agréable qu’il est difficile de revenir à autre chose !"

Anne, Paris
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What Fusion feels like


We believe in transparency and security. Once you've decided to join our family, here is what you can expect.

1 — Place Your Order Online

Depending on your level of required support, order the original Fusion Bra or the Fusion Bra + 3D printed support.

2 — Download BreastID

Your order confirmation email will include a link to download BreastID, our scanning app, so you can get your breastprint from the comfort of your home. BreastID app is highly secure. No pictures. No faces. Just your fully encrypted, anonymous breastprint.

3 — Assemble Your Fusion

If you ordered the Fusion Bra only, your order will be within one week. For Fusion Bra + 3D printed support customers, your breast support blueprint will be sent to one of our partner 3D printing factories around the world.

4 — Let The Fusion Begin

The BIG moment, when you’ll experience Fusion for the first time. We are sure this is going to be a special moment. But if you are not 100% satisfied, we are available with a full refund policy.

Let's create your perfect bra

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