The (Perfect) Fit

Made From You

Our Fusion Custom Fit Bra

Our reengineered Custom Fit Bra is designed to with your breasts in mind. Made from recycled material, this bra is made on demand with you in mind.


Our 3D Printed Support

Want even more support? Add the optional 3D Printed Support to your Custom Fit Bra, 100% customized to make sure each breast feels supported.

Let the fusion begins

Boobs lifted by the gods

Absolutely love this bra. So easy to put on due to its front clip, super comfy, soft and pretty too.
I’m an E cup and I Seriously can’t recommend it enough, I swear my boobs look like they are held by the gods.

Chloé, London

Je me sens tout simplement….. mieux !

On aime les promesses tenues. Celle ci fait vraiment plaisir.
Un confort jamais vu, un maintien parfait, visuellement classic & chic.
Merci pour votre travail ! Vous nous faites beaucoup de bien.

Lisa, Paris

The only bra I'll ever wear

Use to this tI didn't realize how much I don't like store-bought bras until I tried on my custom Fusion bra. I thought cups that hung an inch over my breasts, lifted when I raised my arms, and left red marks on my ribs were just part of the fun of being a woman. Turns out I just needed something that was made for me, and me alone.

My Fusion bra has changed my relationship with bras. Gone are the days of ripping it off as soon as I get home. It's so comfortable and gives me perfect coverage. The app to get a scan of yourself at home is completely fool proof and they use high quality materials on the bra that make it comfortable to wear all day. I love it!ext to elaborate on the main heading

Kim, New-York

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