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Radical Respect For Your Body And For Our World.

We believe in not only protecting your body from harm, but in empowering you to rise to a higher standard. One determined by your body on its own terms. One where your consumption embodies your values for a society that embraces our planet. Our technology infuses environmental responsibility into every phase of the Fusion journey, from your first 3D scan to our biodegradable packaging and our PYRATES fabric, made from 75% recycled plastic bottles and certified Global Recycle Standard and OEKO-Tex. This is sustainability. This is health. And this is non-negotiable. 

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Breasts Are Objects of Health, Not Beauty.

Fusion is size-free so that the uniqueness of your breast shape is front and center. Forget what you think you know about bras because we have designed .Fusion Bra to make you just feel how amazing your breasts are every single day. We are committed to making you love your breasts so much that you won't even feel like wearing a bra. And for those moments where you need a little extra support as you conquer the world like the badass you are—we've got you.

by women, for women

Equality And Inclusion Are Actions, Not Ad Campaigns

We stand for being the change that we want to see in the world by remaining curious and challenging the status quo. We are determined to employ innovative technologies that amplify your experience in order to trigger an impact for our future. So in 2019, we met with thousands of women from Paris, Berlin, London, New York and Los Angeles to create technology made from real bodies: BreastID™. Because we believe in eco-humanist technology to create from you the perfect made-to-measure natural breast support.