Our patented Technology


The bra. Re-engineered for its function.

After 3 years of R&D and the help of hundred of women in Paris, Berlin, New-york and Los Angeles, we understood what made breast support essential. When, it maters to wear a bra, and when it doesn't. For all the women who actively change the world in a better place, we created Fusion to support them through their mission.

Why re-engineering the bra?

To shape your perfect fit

To support by embracing

To love your breasts

Understanding our technology

1. BreastID

Our encrypted iPhone app captures the exact shape & volume of each breast to create your unique BreastPrint, a 3D-scan of your bust with over 800 data points.

Anonymous | Bank-Level Encryption | Facial Exclusion

Our scanning technology only take measurements, never Pictures or Video. Available on iPhone X and above.

2. 3D printed Support

Our proprietary algorithm generates a unique 3D-printed made to measure support (add-on) for each of your breasts using eco-friendly material. It even has your name on it.

3. Custom Fusion

Using the data from the app, our modular design is created on-demand and shaped to fit you and ONLY you.